Who We Are

The Setlhare Science Curriculum Trust is a non-profit organisation that does teacher professional development, finds ways to teach science and technology by inquiry, and produces materials that guide that kind of teaching.  This, since 1991.

Mr Omar Khan asks this group some questions about the design of their powered boat

Setlhare means a tree in the Tswana language. In Africa, big trees have been discussion-places for adults. Trees are also places where children play.  Trees produce fruit, medicine and building material.  Trees create a micro-climate that encourages other plants to grow around them.

For reasons like that, the Setlhare tree is a good symbol for a curriculum organisation that wants teachers to meet, share ideas, learn things, and create lessons that fire children’s imaginations.

We have views on how to fire their imaginations and how they learn, but more of that later.

What We Do

Teacher professional development in science and technology, training courses, materials, evaluations and research.

  • We work on teacher professional development mostly at the Grade 4 to 12 levels of school curricula
  •  We prefer to run programmes in classrooms, where the action is, but also do training in out-of-school venues
  • We do evaluations of school science departments and implementations of new teaching programmes
  • We publish textbooks, Science for All Grades 4-9 and another series, Technology for All Grades 4-9
  • We develop materials for other curriculum organisations that use print and video
  • We do evaluation of textbooks and similar materials
  • We’ve done other things too, like policy work and research — read about those in the Past Work tab

Contact details

Setlhare Science Curriculum Trust
M114,  Marang Block
School of Education,  University of the Witwatersrand
27 St. Andrews Road

Tel  011 717 3471
Fax 086 765 5320 (preferable) or 011 717 3470 (if you have to)

P.O.Box 256
WITS 2050
South Africa

Creating places for children's minds to play