Policy work

The Science Content Map for Grades 4-10, produced for the Department of Basic Education (2009)

This Map is a public document setting out a flow of topics in the National Curriculum Statement from Grade 4 to 10, with the purpose of mapping progression in the curriculum.  The document has three layers or levels, with first layer being a flow diagram and the third layer providing guidance on practical activities and ways to deal with misconceptions in each topic.  See sample pages here: Layer One. Layer Two. Layer Three.

The National Curriculum Statement for Natural Sciences (1999 – 2002)

Setlhare Trust was one of the “civil society members” of the Natural Sciences working group that produced the 2002 curriculum document, and had a large role in it.

Setlhare science assessment research project

This project (1997 – 1999) took on the challenge of Curriculum 2005 and tried to answer the question, “Can we assess outcomes in Natural Sciences?”
You can download a sample report here

Participation in the 1995 – 1997 curriculum change process

The process that led to the Curriculum 2005 policy documents in 1997.

Between 1991 and the present, Setlhare has participated in various ways in shaping the Natural Sciences curriculum (sometimes helping to create policy, sometimes trying to improve  new policies)
Some of the changes have been ones that we don’t agree with but South African teachers have to follow the state curriculum statements and we are here to help them teach the curriculum to children as meaningfully as possible.

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