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Science Teaching Alive workshop materials, written for the Solon Foundation, to complement the Brian Gray videos on the website   This website is maintained by Kate Gray, Tom Gray and the Solon Foundation. The materials are free to download. Each “How to teach” video is accompanied by notes for teacher group leaders, plus notes for teachers to take away from the meeting, and suggestions that teachers can use to create worksheets in the meeting.

Zero-cost Science – for the South African Association of Science and Technology Educators (SAASTE).  DVD and book available at R25 to cover postage.  Download the table of contents here.  And the whole book (about 2.7 MB) here.  Write to us if you want the DVD; it shows the teachers presenting their ideas.

Mindset Network –  A teachers’ guide to teaching NCS Technology  Setlhare scripted and consulted on the filming.
These videos are available here from Setlhare, by permission of Mindset.
Engaging with technological knowledge – a new approach

Technology and design

Making and the practical facilitation skills in technology

Evaluation and assessment in technology

Planning and preparation for technology projects

Mindset Network Shoestring Science and Technology – Simple apparatus for teaching the topics of

•    Waves –  The video title comes up as “Straw machine”. For a quick how-to-set-up-the-apparatus, click   and for the full video of 15 minutes, do the same for   (These videos need a final edit but they still show you some useful ideas for lessons)

•    solar cookers  For a quick how-to-set-it-up, click     and for the full video of 9 minutes,

•    Change of state    For the quick intro to apparatus,  and for the full video,

  •  electric circuits and switches

Mindset Network Grades 10 and 11 Physical Science – content development by Setlhare Trust
•    Electromagnetic radiation  Grade 10    The series guide and videos are at
•    Vectors in two dimensions, Grade 11     Link to the series guide and videos at
•    2D and 3D wave fronts, Grade 11  (About light and diffraction of light)   Link to the series guide and the videos at

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