Reports and conference papers

Setlhare tries to make its contribution to the science and technology education community through conferences and workshops. These are some recent and some older contributions; the main headings are just a loose indication as to what you’ll find there.

Papers about learning and classroom dynamics

  1. Under-estimating children in the tasks we give them – implications for materials developers (full SAARMSTE paper).  Download the pdf [POOR SCAN MEANS BIG FILE; MUST REPLACE THIS]
  2. Under-estimating children in the tasks we give them –   implications for materials developers  (summary). Download the pdf
  3. Beginning to teach technology and finding the way – Xipu and Kubayi. Download the pdf
  4. Zero to Hero – learners helping teachers. Download the pdf
  5. Innovation and OBE at Acclaim Primary School. Download the pdf

Papers about assessment

  1. Valuing the complex outcomes – assessing what’s important in Technology. Download the pdf
  2. Getting more from the Design stage in Technology project. Download the pdf
  3. Formative assessment of Design in Technology – Abstract.  Download the pdf
  4. Assessment in Technology – why we don’t mark the model. Khan, Essy, Moodie, Setshedi.  Download the pdf
  5. Portfolios as assessment evidence – Xipu, Masekela, Kubayi.  Download the pdf
  6. Science and Technology in an OBE system – Steps towards assessment for learning.  Download the pdf
  7. OBE Assessment – a high-stakes innovation in schools.  Download the pdf
  8. Learning to assess progress in doing science investigations.  Download the pdf

Papers about language and learning

  1.  Teaching Electric circuits, using an analogy that seems to help.  Download the pdf
  2. Muthi, Science and Lightning – indigenous and scientists’ knowledge in Grade 9.  Download the pdf
  3. A model for designing skills-oriented primary science materials.  Download the pdf


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