The TFAPP evaluation questions

The Technology for All Pilot Programme was set up to answer questions that are ultimately about the sustainability of a curriculum change.

Question 1:  Given that the majority of Technology teachers have little or no training in teaching Technology, what are the most significant issues to deal with when doing INSET?

Question 2:  Given that most interventions aimed at changing schools’ curricula tend to disappear not long after the innovators have shifted attention elsewhere, what factors in the implementation of the NCS are likely to help schools sustain the new methods and teaching standards?

Question 3:  Given that Technology is a non-traditional subject in which teachers must assess quality of work more than quantity of knowledge, and there is not yet a consensus about appropriate quality, what are reasonable levels of expectation for learner performance / quality of work?

Question 4:  Given that no education department advisor could provide regular support to the 100 to 200 schools in a District, what factors or approaches in the curriculum implementation make it likely that the new levels of teaching can be sustained in a District?

The reports on the answers to these questions are in draft form and are not yet ready for publication.

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